Friday, 5 June 2015

Squat heavy...

Some pics of a Squat heavy weapon I've been tinkering around with. The Squats were some of my favorite figures back in the Rogue Trader days. They just had so much damn character a with that "irregulars" vibe. They looked like mercenaries or adventurers and that really fired the imagination.

The original face on this particular figure had a great big smile! I hadn't intended to change the face so much originally just adding some putty to his beard but after playing around he ended up getting a total face lift resulting in a much sterner face.

I worked a bit to get the hands to fit neatly to the handle of the conversion beamer. Also worked the area of the weapon that met the shoulder for a neat fit. Cutting a small section from of a cocktail stick gave me a small disc so I could make a sight that lined up with his right eye. It all comes together nicely now and will be painted separately.

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