Saturday, 29 November 2014

New recruits...

Managed to get hold of some more giants recently. Here are two more C28 giants along with a lovely old minifigs cyclops.

 The cyclops is a pretty small figure by todays standards similar in stature to some of the old citadel/asgard hillgiants. I think that as long as they hit really hard in a game they're height isn't an issue!

Next up I managed to get these two figure pretty cheaply in an ebay auction.  On the left is a Ral Partha frost giant and far right another C28 giant. ( Foundry viking added for scale!!).

Having 3 bodies and 3 heads gives me some options as to the arrangements of the giants. I intially though of putting the viking style head on the body with the scale mail tunic, then the eye patch head on the body holding the cannon ball in his left hand. ( This combination was the one used in the drawing from the first citadel compenduim). That would leave the chaos head to go with the head hunter body. Hmmm decisions!

Did a bit of conversion work on this fellow to give him two weapons. The axe I had in the bits box but the handle had been snipped of years earlier. I remade the handle and drilled a hole in the hand. Then it was a case of gluing in place and the sculpting a hand around it. Think he will look pretty mean when he's finished!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Vintage figures primed...

Just some pics of a batch of vintage lead all prep'd and primed. We have a selection of giants from left to right: Minifigs Mythical Earth giant, Ral Partha frost giant and an old Citadel hill giant.

And here is the classic Ral Partha Jabberwock and a lovely old Asgard Nightmare.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

C28 Giant...2

Here's the giant from the previous post all primed and ready for painting.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

c28 Giant...

I won this fellow on ebay a while ago and he has been kicking around the workbench for a while now. When he arrived his nose was pretty damaged and flattened like he'd been dropped on his face more than once. I greenstuffed a new nose which lead to a pretty extensive facelift! Been tinkering with him for a while adding bits of putty here and there.

I didn't really like the weapon he came with so decided to make a basic wooden club for hi to bash things with. A plastic paintbrush seemed like a good size and shape so it was cut down to a decent club size.

It was pretty simple to then add a thin layer of greenstuff and add a bit of texture.