Wednesday, 5 November 2014

c28 Giant...

I won this fellow on ebay a while ago and he has been kicking around the workbench for a while now. When he arrived his nose was pretty damaged and flattened like he'd been dropped on his face more than once. I greenstuffed a new nose which lead to a pretty extensive facelift! Been tinkering with him for a while adding bits of putty here and there.

I didn't really like the weapon he came with so decided to make a basic wooden club for hi to bash things with. A plastic paintbrush seemed like a good size and shape so it was cut down to a decent club size.

It was pretty simple to then add a thin layer of greenstuff and add a bit of texture.


  1. Christ! Your not half bad at the GS :)

    He looks fantastic!

  2. Cheers! Still need to finish the painting on this fellow.