Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Zombie marines!!

When I bought this Brother Meredith figure I knew I'd be painting him up as a marine zombie. That got me thinking about a horde of marine zombies but the cost this mini now goes for on ebay is too much to make a this an option for me. Thought it'd be fun to cast up some myself.  Hence the greenstuff body which I'll cast to make some dollies and then sculpt some variants to the pose. The gun is a converted plastic marine bolter which I'll be using on the figures. This needed to be shortened and the magazine made smaller in order for it to be more like the size of the metal bolters.  I probably make the zombie heads as seperate castings in order to give more variation to the finished figures. Hopefully these will be ready for some Halloween games of Space Crusade!!

Having another look at the bolter it needed to be smaller still so trimmed the top and remodelled it. Reckon it's a good match for the older bolters now.

1 comment:

  1. Space marine zombies for the win!

    What an excellent idea :)